Safe-D: Safety through Disruption

Safe-D Hosts International Scholar Óscar Mata

Safe-D researchers and VTTI hosted international scholar Óscar Mata from the University of the Basque Country – Digital Electronics Design Group on Thursday, January 30th.

Established more than 20 years ago, the Digital Electronics Design Group works to develop embedded electronic devices using reconfigurable hardware. Using real-world driving data, the group has been developing Advanced Driving Assistance Systems such as personalized adaptive cruise control, motion-sickness reduction advisors, and speed limit sign recognition systems with the help of computational intelligence and data mining. Óscar spoke to these systems and the ability to tackle these serious problems with minimal cost and power consumption for the end-user. Óscar is an accomplished scholar and teacher with numerous awards and citations for his research. His fields of research include Computational Intelligence algorithms (mainly shallow and deep Extreme Learning Machine neural networks and Fuzzy Logic), to Hardware-Software partitioning, hardware design in VHDL, FPGAs and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. Safe-D and VTTI are extremely grateful for Óscar to come to share his thoughts and research with us.