Safe-D: Safety through Disruption

Final Reports

05-089 A Holistic Work Zone Safety Alert System Through Automated Video and Smartphone Sensor Data Analysis
VTTI-05-086 A Data Driven Approach to the Development and Evaluation of Acoustic Electric Vehicle Alerting Systems for Vision Impaired Pedestrians
VTTI-05-113 Evaluation Tools for Low-Speed Automated Vehicle (LSAV) Transit Readiness of the Area
VTTI-05-082 Lane Change Hazard Analysis Using Radar Traces to Identify Conflicts and Time-To-Collision Measures
05-096 Curb Management Practices and Effectiveness in Improving Safety
VTTI-06-008 Introduction to Communications in Transportation
TTI-06-01 Connected Vehicle Information for Improving Safety Related to Unknown or Inadequate Truck Parking
VTTI-00-027 Impact of Automated Vehicle External Communication on Other Road User Behavior
The Future of Parking: Safety Benefits and Challenges
Autonomous Delivery Vehicle as a Disruptive Technology: How to Shape the Future with a Focus on Safety?
VTTI-00-021 Signal Awareness Applications
05-091 Improving Methods to Measure Attentiveness through Driver Monitoring
05-084 Behavioral Indicators of Drowsy Driving: Active Search Mirror Checks
VTTI-00-030 An Evaluation of Road User Interactions with E-Scooters
TTI-01-02 Creating a Smart Connected Corridor to Support Research into Connected and Automated Vehicles
04-120 Impacts of Connected Vehicle Technology on Automated Vehicle Safety
VTTI-00-025 Radar and LiDAR Fusion for Scaled Vehicle Sensing
05-101 Evaluation of transportation safety against flooding in disadvantaged communities
VTTI-00-028 Driving Risk Assessment Based on High-frequency, High-resolution Telematics Data
TTI-Student-08 Identifying Deviations from Normal Driving Behavior
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