Safe-D: Safety through Disruption


The Safe-D UTC is actively seeking industry partners to assist in (1) targeted research and development efforts that address the most pressing questions related to transportation safety; (2) commercialization and deployment initiatives stemming from Safe-D research; and (3) educational and workforce development programs. Given its focus on disruptive transportation technologies, the Safe-D UTC expects to incorporate stakeholder input when selecting research projects for funding and when reviewing/updating research themes and applications in this rapidly evolving area of research. Thus, the Safe-D UTC seeks to assemble an advisory board of relevant stakeholders.

There are many benefits to partnering with the Safe-D Center, including:

  • Serving as a stakeholder to set the direction of the Safe-D UTC, including project awards, and providing faculty and students guidance on the most pressing research questions.
  • Stretching your research dollars by overseeing a collaborative research project with an attractive shared funding model and early access to results.
  • Gaining a hiring advantage by working with the best undergraduate and graduate students early in their academic careers. Opportunities are available for supporting student-focused projects and sponsoring internships of varying durations, located at both the university and at your organization.
  • Having access to technology transfer materials produced by all projects within the Safe-D Center and obtaining support directly from the researchers and students for migrating research into practice.