Safe-D: Safety through Disruption

Monthly Archives: February 2019

Safe-D Webinar Series: Emerging Legal Issues for Using Passively Collected Datasets

Join us for a topical Safe-D webinar for any transportation researcher who works with passively collected data sets. With the ever-growing size and sources of datasets, researchers are facing new issues for working with data legally and safely. Tune in to hear TTI researcher Gretchen Stoeltje and Texas A&M School of Law student Ace Ramsey review their Safe-D research in this relevant area (Safe-D Project TTI-03-01: Legal Tools for Barriers to Accessing Data Sets in the Age of AV/CV Technologies). Continue reading

Alexis Basantis Honored as the Safe-D 2018 Outstanding Student of the Year

Virginia Tech student Alexis Basantis was honored as the Safe-D 2018 Outstanding Student of the Year for her many distinctive contributions at the 2019 CUTC Annual Awards Banquet.

Continue reading