Safe-D: Safety through Disruption

Month: March 2020

Featured Safe-D Student Interview: Alex Noble (VT/VTTI)

Alex Noble is a Safe-D student currently pursuing her Ph.D in Industrial and Systems Engineering at VT. She was the lead researcher working on Safe-D Project 01-004: Driver Training for Automated Vehicle Technology. Read her Safe-D Student interview, conducted by Abhishek Nayak (TAMU), below!

Featured Safe-D Faculty Interview: Dr. Jeffrey Hickman (VTTI)

Dr. Jeffrey Hickman is a Safe-D faculty researcher at VTTU working on Safe-D Project 02-014: Formalizing Human-Machine Communication in the Context of Autonomous Vehicles. and Safe-D Project 03-036: Modeling Driver Responses During Automated Vehicle Failures. Safe-D Student Pasakorn Choterungruengkorn (TAMU) interviewed Dr. Hickman about Safe-D Project 02-014 and 03-036 as part of the Safe-D Student Featured Safe-D Faculty Interview: Dr. Jeffrey Hickman (VTTI)