Safe-D: Safety through Disruption

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Thinking Transportation podcast

Zac Doerzaph

Safe-D director Zac Doerzaph (VTTI) sat down with Greg Winfree, director of TTI, to talk about the nation’s mobility priorities and what university-based research can do to support them on the Thinking Transportation Podcast.

Driver safety at forefront of VTTI research on hard-braking and other hard acceleration maneuvers

Calculations cover the glass in Feng Guo's office

VTTI researchers are using advanced machine learning and statistical methods to examine key characteristics of high G-force events and their connection with crashes and develop machine-learning models that can help predict crashes from high G-force events in real-time.

Featured Safe-D Faculty Interview: Laura Higgins (TTI)

Safe-D student Alexandria Noble (VT/VTTI) interviewed Ms. Higgins about her experience with her Safe-D Projects as part of the Safe-D Student and Faculty Interview Chain. Read on to learn more about Ms. Higgins and her research! Continue reading