Safe-D: Safety through Disruption

Safety Perceptions of TNCs – Research Packet (zip)

Safety Perceptions of TNCs – Research Packet (zip)

Research Packet (zip file; individual files/types listed below): The Research Packet for this Safe-D project was developed to provide materials that summarize the research, tools, and findings of the project along the survey dataset results. These materials are designed to be used by lecturers to guide an instructor through the material without having to review the complete report. The Research Packet contains the following files aside from this document:

  • – Presentation Slide Deck (Microsoft PowerPoint file)
    – Final Survey Data (Microsoft Excel file)
    – Final Survey Instrument (Microsoft Word file)
    – READ ME – Details About Final Survey Data Package (Microsoft Word file)
    – Survey Data Reference (Microsoft Word file)
    – Web Reference List (Microsoft Word file)